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When you are shopping for Fitbit India gadgets online, just make sure you are using coupons for Fitbit fitness trackers as they help you save money. You can find some of the latest deals and coupons for Fitbit products here.

Verified On  20 . 07 . 2019

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Fitbit is a company that produces fitness gadgets designed to deliver highly efficient results. These products are sold in India via the Amazon portal and are available for the first time on the subcontinent. There are different varieties to cater to every one of your needs and effortlessly sync with your lifestyle and technology. Breaking the barrier between fitness and technology at a personal level, Fitbit creates products that allow you to pursue your passion for fitness while delivering the results you desire. It keeps you in touch on the go and provides you with all the information about your routine that can maximize your workout. These products are available and are being widely used in the international market but can now make it to your doorstep right here in India!

Whether you’re a healthy eater or a fitness fanatic these products can cater to each and one of your daily needs. They are designed keeping comfort and utility in mind. If you want to quit lounging and break out of these shackles of lethargy then get up and get going with Fitbit products. You can easily review and track every aspect of your movements whether you want to know how high you’ve climbed or how far you’ve jogged these products have all the information. Versatile enough to be compatible with your different workout regimes you can track your location using GPS and even beat your best timings and reps. A battery life that can last up to 7 days these products have been designed to be a part of you and your technology, keeping you in sync all the time. You may check all the Fitbit India products currently available on below.

The first of the products on the line is the Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch – a watch that seeks to capture your intensity by monitoring calorie burn and steadying your sleep cycle. The eight sensor technology takes into account variables that can make all the difference to your exercise while at the same time giving you the ability to customize your run the way you see it. The GPS control allows you to create the path you’d like to run while the text notifications help you keep in touch with what matters most. Your music is also in your control with a music menu to keep your head bobbing as you move.

The next product is the Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband which allows you to monitor your heart rate on the move right on your wrist. You can now record progress during workouts and through your day. The stats and summaries are all available for you to assess your progress and improve with every passing day. These products are designed to be worn all day so by following some simple instructions you can keep your wristband safe and secure while constantly tracking your improvements. These products can sync stats to your computer or smart phone helping you synthesize your diets while logging your routine.

The sleek Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband make daily movements a part of your fitness regime. Steps taken and distance travelled all convert to the calories you burn. Making you more conscious of the minutes you’re active it provides you with stats to help you sleep well at night and get fit in the day. The textured comfort it provides makes it no hassle to wear it to bed or at work. All the products come with a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty. You can even compete with friends and family on the Fitbit leader board and compete in various challenges.

The lifestyle choice that is the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband is a very viable one. Giving you all the basic information to backtrack and see the steps taken and the distances you’ve travelled. It’s water resistant body and silent wake alarm make for great features on the go. Online tools help you sync in with other Fitbit users to help you keep your goals dynamic and your mind focused on the target.

The Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker is a clip device that you can just latch on to anything and keep with you on the move. Using Bluetooth 4.0 Technology it helps your device stay in sync with your computer or smartphone. Even tablets! Earn badges to move ahead and catch up with friends all day. The iPhone and Android app is free to download. The size of this device makes it sleek and discreet. You can keep it anywhere safely while keying in your food intake, weight and other stats while still staying safe from rain and sweat.

The Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker is as visible as you want it to be. Syncing with your devices and staying tucked away or in view as you wish. It comes with a replaceable battery that has up to 4-6 months of battery life. While logging your progress the Fitbit app helps tells you just how close you are to achieving your goals while also edging you to take those leaps of faith to reach them.

An intelligent device that stays right at where you need it is the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. Helping you track your weight, body fat and BMI it will simply redirect your stats to the Fitbit network and help you chart out your progress. A simple learning curve and multiple user accounts it helps you keep your data under your control. In order to get that full blown perspective on your fitness to help you make the most of your progress the Fitbit Smart Scale fills in the gaps in order to give you better results.