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If you are looking for a modern appliance that can help you lessen your cooking time and yet serve you healthy and tasty food, then look no beyond a microwave. Shopping for these kitchen appliances online helps you save lots of money and gives you lots of options. Also you may get an added discount using the latest amazon microwave coupons from our site.

Verified On  25 . 06 . 2019


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You may often find it difficult to cook using traditional vessels and cookware. However, in using a microwave a lot of worries like these can be put to rest comfortably. Modern day microwaves are intelligent and are engineered to do a lot of things, even we would not have thought of a few years ago! Whether you are looking up to these devices to just heat up your food or grill them, toast your food or bake them to perfection, microwave ovens are among versatile kitchen appliances that can easily make your cooking endeavor a breeze. For all microwave oven and OTG fans around India, there are a host of places to shop for these items. While your neighborhood store may not necessarily present you with lot of options or stock in microwave oven of your favorite brand, any popular online store in India, like Amazon have the largest collections of microwave ovens you possibly can think of. The sheer variety of microwaves you will come across on these platforms will surely leave you spellbound. You will suddenly realize that your decision of shopping for microwaves and OTG\'s across online shopping sites was indeed the correct one, and perhaps the best one you have ever taken!

One look at Amazon India is enough to indicate that microwaves are available in different varieties – solo ovens, OTG, grill ovens, convection ovens and built in ovens. These categories have been made on microwaves based on their ability to perform a set of functions. For example, a solo oven will only be capable of boiling and heating food, a grill oven can do the grilling for you and a convection oven is capable of doing a lot more, like toasting, roasting and baking food according to a predetermined cooking procedure. Microwaves of today are incorporated with intelligent features that you simply cannot ignore while shopping. For example, there are a few microwaves that come with intellowave technology – a technology that is used for circulating microwaves within the oven cavity to ensure cooking is done in a healthier and faster way. Then there are microwaves that come with anti-bacterial features in them. These ovens are designed to reduce or minimize the growth of bacteria inside the oven cavity and thereby prevent occurrences of odor, either during or after cooking.

One factor you need to consider seriously while shopping for microwaves online is their capacity. The options available to you across online stores in this regard are enormous, and definitely greater than what you would have come across at your neighborhood appliances store. On Amazon India you will find microwave ovens in capacity ranging from a mere 19 liters up to 30 liters and above. Therefore, depending upon your capacity requirements you are free to filter out the microwaves from the list that appears before you on the screen and zero in on a microwave that fits your bill. Some of the leading brands you will notice while shopping for microwaves online are – IFB, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool, Bajaj, Kenstar, Panasonic, Electrolux, Onida, Morphy Richard and many others. While the most basic microwave may cost you anywhere between 5000 and 8000 rupees, the intelligent and the oven that is loaded with a host of intelligent features may cost you 13000 and above.

Shopping online for microwaves also mean you stand to get regular discounts from online dealers or manufacturers. It also means that you can use amazon microwave coupons offered here to help save some money while shopping for these appliances. Amazon Coupons for microwave can be retrieved from the site anytime you visit it. Applying it to your cart is simple and once you do it you will realize how much rewarding shopping online at Amazon is!