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Wake up the bookworm in you! If you’ve recently been entertaining intermittent thoughts about buying a Kindle e-reader, just go ahead and take the plunge. Our specially compiled collection of coupons for Amazon Kindle will have you covered as far as the amount you’ll have to shell out is concerned. We also have some handy Amazon Kindle Oasis coupons lined up here, to significantly lower the price you pay for your brand new ebook reader.

Verified On  19 . 09 . 2019


All new Kindle Oasis at Rs. 23,999.

Kindle Oasis EMI  starts at 2,143.53 Rs. per month.  Buy now from Amazon India.


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Ever since Amazon released the first Kindle ebook reader, it has completely redesigned the way we experience and think about reading. Numerous versions of the Kindle have since then hit the market, each one special in its own way, and each one contributing towards getting millions of people back to spending time in the company of the written word. The latest in the line of Kindle ebook readers, the Kindle Oasis, promises to take the Kindle legacy even further. This new product is the thinnest and lightest Kindle that the world has seen thus far. It also sports the longest battery life yet, and comes with an ergonomic design, enhanced lighting and laser sharp 300 ppi display to take reading to an all-new level.

The Kindle Oasis ships with a leather charging cover, through Amazon’s prompt and reliable delivery service. Equipped with over 30,000 free ebooks, and the countless other ebooks that it allows you to purchase at a fraction of their asking price, this brilliant new product pays for itself in no time. However, should you be interested in spending a little less for your new ebook reader, our handpicked Amazon Kindle Oasis coupons ought to help you out!

When Amazon first launched the Kindle e-reader, there were apprehensions among people about how well it would fare when compared to regular books. But life since then has only gotten faster, and both time and energy are in short supply. When we as readers have to manage our reading habits within the tiny windows that we get, a tool that can help us read in the dark, on the subway, or even during lunch break, while also being featherweight and a library in itself, sounds almost too good to be true. And the sheer number of e-readers sold till date proves how well the Kindle has fared with book lovers worldwide.

In the case of the Kindle e-reader, there are fortunately no downsides to this near-perfect picture. Besides unerring functionality, the Kindle, in all its forms, is affordably priced and worth every penny. And the best place to buy one is online, on Amazon India itself. Amazon will of course give you some detailed reading material to help you make the right choice between Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis and Kindle Voyage, each with its own selling points. A lot of people also prefer to buy their e-readers from the Amazon store, on account of Kindle being an Amazon product. If you prefer this too, you might want to make sure you’re equipped with some Amazon coupons for Amazon Kindle, so that you can also benefit from the added bonus of an amazing deal on your new purchase. All versions of Kindle – Oasis, Paperwhite, Fire HD, Voyage (both Wi-Fi and 3G versions) – are available for purchase through Amazon India. is actually a great place to check out all your options if you’re thinking of accessorizing your e-reader, offering great discounts and reliability of shipping and delivery as well. Do remember to use try out some of the Amazon coupons for Amazon Kindle accessories that we’ve listed here, to ensure that you get the best prices possible.

The Amazon Kindle is great for building and maintaining a reading habit, and quite a steal, really, if you consider the benefits it brings to the table. Get yours today, and at a bargain price at that!