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Make a statement with a wallet that echoes your style. Find wallets of every variety on Amazon India. Be spoilt for choice with the website’s unmatched database of wallet brands. Also enjoy attractive discounts on your purchase, with the help of this handpicked collection of the latest Amazon coupons for wallets.

Verified On  25 . 06 . 2019


60% off or more on Men’s Wallets

Big brands like Woodland, Puma, Laurels etc. Choose from a wide collection of designs and save more than 60% on your purchase.


Minimum 70% off on Wallets, Bags & Luggage. Save now!

Buy men’s & women’s wallet, bags & luggage from Amazon India and save big on top brands like Woodland, Puma, Maxima Ego, Bogesi, Hidesign, Baggit, Caprese, K London, Lavie, Wildcraft, and so on.

Nothing ties an outfit together better than a well selected ensemble of accessories. Recent fashion trends indicate a shift of focus from clothes to the smaller ‘accents’ that people use to exude a specific style statement. Like every other aspect of modern life, the personalities we present are beginning to hinge more and more on practicality. As such, owning fewer clothes and more accessories has become something of a trend for most people, regardless of gender, age or lifestyle. This also happens to be a much more inexpensive solution than experimenting with couture every season.

Within the gambit of accessories, there are certain items that have become essential components of our everyday outfits. Wallets are a classic example. Whether we’re heading to work, a social gathering, a relaxed weekend outing, or simply grocery shopping, turning up without a wallet is practically inconceivable. Besides, most young urban dwellers lead solo lives, at least for the greater part of their waking hours, and as such, everybody must own and carry his or her own wallet. No wonder then, that shopping for wallets online is an activity that most of us engage in from time to time. The popularity of Amazon coupons for wallets will attest to this reality.

The wallets we carry have become integral parts of the images we choose to present to the world, images that we like to experiment with every once in a while. It is quite normal for the average person to own multiple wallets, which in turn places the onus on wallets being affordable. This is where e commerce pitches in, with websites like Amazon India offering even premium makes of wallets at bargain prices. Amazon India coupons for wallets slash prices off brands such as Woodland, Puma, Maxima Ego, Bogesi, Hidesign, Baggit, Caprese, K London, Lavie, Wildcraft, and so on, placing them within the average Indian consumer’s reach.

Finding a wallet that suits your persona is a cakewalk on Amazon India. The website sorts its collection into wallets for men and women, within which one can filter through the offered items on the basis of color, price point, discount percentage and average customer rating. One can also narrow a search down to the material they would like their wallets to be made of. Options include everything from leather wallets, to nylon, felt and canvas wallets, to synthetic and polyester wallets, to everything in between.

Amazon India also lets customers looking to shop on a budget head straight to the ‘Under 499’ and ‘Under 999’ wallet stores. And just in case your chosen product doesn’t feature in any of these discount stores, you can always rely on the ever-popular Amazon coupons for wallets to save you a few bucks on your purchase!