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Have all your household essentials delivered to your doorstep with Amazon’s efficient and dependable grocery service. Place an order now to receive a wide range of groceries and personal care items. And get them at bargain prices with the help of these Amazon India coupons for grocery.

Verified On  25 . 08 . 2019


Save additional 10% on monthly subscriptions

Get additional 10% off on your monthly house hold supplies, groceries and many other categories like health, nutrition, personal care, stationary & more from Amazon subscribe & save store.


Up to 30% off on household supplies & groceries

Purchase grocery from Amazon India & get up to 30% off on Home Supplies, Food, Snacks & Beverages, Personal Care, Health & Nutrition and more.

The demands of the modern urban lifestyle have converted many erstwhile simple chores into challenging exercises. Chief among these is grocery shopping. Busy schedules and difficult commutes don’t bode well for the daily shopping list. And with the household essentials market overflowing with brands, makes and varieties like never before, finding the exact item you want can involve long scouting sessions at multiple stores before finally locating your preferred product.

In times like these, any service that can reduce the hassle associated with shopping for daily needs, tends to be well received. Countless grocery delivery services and applications have come up in the recent past, offering quick and hassle free delivery of household essentials. But the latest addition to the list also offers a stamp of reliability. Amazon’s Now service promises delivery of household essentials within 2 hours from the placement of an order, and grocery coupons launched with the service promise attractive discounts to further sweeten the deal.

Kirana Now aims to take grocery shopping off the average Indian city dweller’s list of troubles. Its model is simple. Goods are purchased and delivered by the Amazon team from stores in the vicinity of the user’s address. Goods can also be selected from Amazon’s inventory of items set up in collaboration with partner stores such as Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, Godrej Nature’s Basket, In&Out, Spar Hypermarket, and so on. Grocery coupons can get you discounts on items purchased from these partner stores as well.

From breakfast and dairy, to snacks and beverages, to cooking essentials and easy meals, Amazon Now has all verticals covered when it comes to grocery needs. It also offers the entire range of household cleaning supplies, a variety of baby care products, as well as personal care items including make-up, skin care, hair care and shower essentials. It is in effect akin to being able to browse your favorite departmental store online, and shop with the assurance that Amazon’s tried and tested delivery service will have your purchased items delivered to you, with no glitches or hiccups along the way.

In a world where every minute counts, as does every penny saved, Amazon’s Now is the ideal shopping assistant, taking care of the logistics and leaving you free to focus on the other tasks at hand. It also serves as a good portal for upcoming online grocery stores to partner with, thanks to its wide reach and extensive customer base.

For those of you who will be heading to Kirana Now soon, our team has curated some attractive deals and discounts you can apply to your purchase. Take your pick out of these Amazon India grocery coupons and let grocery shopping save you a quick buck. E- commerce ventures have been very busy lately, coming up with new and improved solutions to help modern urban nine-to-fivers save time. Time that would otherwise have been spent making long commutes to daily needs stores, finding the right household and personal care supplies, and lugging them all the way back home. Only to have to repeat the entire drill again in a few days’ time.

The idea of moving the typical departmental store to an online platform has been at work for a while now, with both startups and established e commerce portals making it a priority. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save promises to take the experience one step further. This feature combines both classic and contemporary approaches to present to the average user the ability to ‘subscribe’ to any number of daily needs items. These items are then delivered to the user’s doorstep every month, on a date and time of their choice, and at a discounted price to boot, thanks to a default 10% savings plan, as well as the Amazon coupons for Subscribe & Save that are launched for specific items from time to time.

The Subscribe & Save store takes care of a number of verticals in the grocery segment, even exceeding the scope of a typical departmental store. One can set up monthly subscriptions for items belonging to numerous categories, from household supplies (laundry, cleaning supplies, etc.), to grocery & gourmet foods, to diet & nutrition (cereals, health supplements, etc.), to baby products (diapers, skin care, training tools, etc.), to beauty and personal care items (shower essentials, skin care, hair & makeup, etc.), to even pet products, stationery, printer accessories and automobile accessories.

Be it your preferred brand of coffee, laundry detergent or face wash, your favorite cereal, or even that new printer cartridge you need every month, Subscribe & Save has all your daily needs covered. And with some Amazon India Subscribe & Save coupons to help you out, you can look forward to significant savings in terms of both time and money. With products from leading brands of groceries such as Dove, Kissan, Vim, Gillette, Dettol and Surf, among others, Amazon’s Subscribe & Save promises to become the go-to option for city dwellers across India.

Take stock of the items you require on a regular basis, and head to Subscribe & Save with your shopping list. Use Amazon’s user friendly interface to set up easy monthly grocery subscriptions. Pick your preferred delivery dates, including the time of day that suits you best. And do away with the hassle of going grocery shopping for a long time to come. Before you sign up, do take a look at our handpicked collection of Amazon India grocery coupons, to avail of great discounts on your chosen products.