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Finding the right study material for your upcoming exam is now just a couple of clicks away. Visit Exam Central, Amazon’s exhaustive and up-to-date inventory of exam preparation books. Browse through study aids organized by exam type, schedule, price and popularity. And get your chosen books at discounted prices with these Amazon Coupons for Exam Central!

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There’s no running away from competition in this day and age. And usually, most of us encounter competition in the form of a constant and steady stream of examinations. These could be entrance exams for coveted educational institutes, eligibility tests for scholarships and acceptance by foreign universities, or simply self-help guides for improving a skill or two.

Regardless of the specific type of exam that awaits you in the near future, the most consistent issue revolves around being able to acquire the right type and quality of study material. It is common to come across generic exam preparation books in brick and mortar stores; these come with high price tags and quality that is usually subpar. Unfortunately, there aren’t any sources that can vet each and every exam preparation book in the market, which means that the only way to go about finding high quality study material is to do some firsthand research.

At this point comes a fresh problem – time constraints. With an important examination looming, it is unfair to expect a candidate to be able to shell out the time, energy and mental peace needed for a market survey of study material. Luckily, Amazon has gone ahead and done some of the groundwork, thus ensuring that prospective candidates of major exams across the country can get their money’s worth of exam preparation books (especially since Amazon coupons for Exam Central can significantly lower the asking price of most books).

Exam Central is an impressive effort by Amazon to put the enormous number of study aids and guide books available, into an organized, well presented collection. The front runner in the Exam Central landing page is a convenient panel with icons for the most popular and commonly taken exams in India, including JEE, UPSC, SSC, UGC, GMAT, GATE, GRE and MBA. Flanking this series is another useful tool called the ‘Exam Calendar’ that reroutes visitors to a tabulated list of exams in chronological order, together with their last dates of application. Users can hover over any listed exam to purchase preparation material for it.

The Exam Central landing page also sports a dedicated panel for ‘Exam of the Month’, usually the biggest or most popular exam next in line at any given point in time. This is supplemented by other exams due soon, so as to assist users with useful memory prompts. Amazon’s usual inventory mapping options, such as filters for choosing products based on price, arrival date, seller rating and customer feedback, also apply to its collection of exam preparation books. And of course, among of the chief draws of this innovative study aid shopping arena, are the attractive deals one can avail of through Amazon Exam Central coupons.

Exam Central is a blessing for anybody who has experienced the pressures that an important examination can place on them. When any degree of guidance can be of help, a website dedicated to study material for every genre of exam can go a long way. Study guides that feature on Exam Central include books for Banking and Insurance Exams such as IBPS and IIBF, Engineering Exams such as IIT-JEE, State Level Engineering Exams and GATE, Management and Medical Exams, Law Exams, various Government Exams, State Level Administration Exams, and even International skills tests such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS. The material includes solved papers, guide books and practice material, and is backed by helpful customer feedback for those who are unsure about their purchase. Exam Central also offers ebooks for exam preparation that can be read on a Kindle. Most popular exam preparation material is available in Kindle ebook format on the site.

Heading to Exam Central could be a good call if you’re at a loss about where to begin your search for the study material best suited to your needs. Choose Amazon for its vast inventory, efficient delivery, easy returns, and of course for the discounts you can get through Amazon Exam Central coupons!