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Amazon India Coupons For "Books"

Shopping for ebooks online is synonymous with shopping at Amazon. Besides making it extremely easy to find the book you’re looking for, India’s largest online bookstore also sweetens the deal with exciting discount offers on your purchase. And with the latest Amazon coupons for ebooks, bagging those discounts will be a cakewalk!

Verified On  12 . 12 . 2017


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There was a time when being bitten by the reading bug was immediately followed by a visit to the local bookstore. That glorious place had books piled high from floor to ceiling, hardbound spines and colorful paperbacks painting the space in happy strokes of chaos. And we picked our favorites, indulged ourselves with the thrill of the written word and the scent of printed paper, until the next time the reading bug paid us a visit.

Of course, those were simpler times. In the space of a single decade, life – and all its facets that we were used to – had completely altered itself. There was work to be done and free time was scarce. There was a sudden reshuffling of the daily routines that had thus far been practically universal. Needless to say, there was very little time left to read. The reading habit could have met with a sad demise, had it not been for the emergence of online bookstores. Amazon India, formerly an alternative presence stocking a few exam preparation books and the most popular fiction, took the market for ebooks by storm. It is India’s largest bookstore today, in every sense of the term. Offering an extensive range of reading material, ranging from fiction, to classics, to textbooks and children’s books, Amazon India has become a convenient portal for acquiring ebooks of every genre. Slashed prices across the site further tilt the balance in its favor, as is also indicated by the popularity of Amazon coupons for ebooks.

Amazon’s task was a daunting one. It had to compete against the well-loved concept of brick and mortar bookstores, where the process of zeroing in on a ebook would be just as exciting as the purchase itself. But this e commerce giant passed the challenge in flying colors. A visit to Amazon India’s landing page for ebooks today reflects the amount of effort they have invested in creating the ideal web interface for finding and buying ebooks of every variety. A panel showcasing the latest additions to the website’s vast inventory becomes a fitting introduction. This is complemented by Amazon’s curated collections that readers might find useful. These include Amazon Best Reads, Man Booker Prize Winners, special bookstores for Hindi, English and Regional Language books, and a showcase called Amazon Rising Stars, a great portal for new authors to build a fan base.

Two of the most visited stores however, are the Deals Store, and the Amazon Kindle Store. The former is of course geared towards making kindle books cheaper to buy. The Kindle store displays links to purchase ebooks, which happen to be the most popular form of reading material these days, enabling anything from classics to self-help books to be read in an electronic format on a single ebook reader. Amazon coupons for ebooks make Kindle purchases easy on the pocket, adding to their popularity. Again, some Kindle ebooks, English Literature Classics for instance, are actually free to download and read, making the Amazon Kindle the reading medium of the future.

A clean, easy-to-navigate interface makes Amazon India a great place for book shopping. Its genres are neatly organized. Literature and Fiction books are sorted into Action, Crime, Comics, Romance, Fantasy and Sci-Fi books, Children’s books into age based subsections for kids and young adults, Textbooks and Exam Preparation books into Banking, Management and Engineering books, School textbooks, subject wise lists such as Computer Science books, Mathematics books, and so on. Amazon also has an unparalleled range of Non-Fiction, Classics, and Business & Economics books, as well an attractive feature wherein one can quickly jump to ebooks by popular authors or belonging to popular series.

Whether you’re trying to acquire a copy of your favorite classic, the sequel to your favorite series, or are browsing for ebooks by Indian authors in regional languages, Amazon India is the place for you. Keep these Amazon coupons for ebooks handy, because you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for!